About the VN DPG Research Committee

Our mission is to elevate access of plant-based nutrition research to VN DPG members by 1) identifying current peer-reviewed scientific research investigating the effects of plant-based nutrition on human health, disease pathophysiology, and the global environment, 2) reviewing publications’ research methodology and conclusions for reliability and scientific integrity, and 3) summarizing the current state of knowledge available in the nutrition literature across specified categories.

We also aim to provide opportunities for students and volunteers to gain skills in conducting literature reviews and synthesizing appropriate and comprehensive conclusions. If you are interested in learning more about the Research Committee or would like to join, please reach out to the Research Chair, Katie Ellison, at

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Meet the Research Committee

Meet the VN DPG Research Executive Committee Members.

Obesity and Weight Management

Access the research brief on Obesity and Weight Management.

Cardiovascular Disease

Access the research brief on Cardiovascular Disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Access the research brief on Chronic Kidney Disease.

Athletic Performance

Access the research brief on Athletic Performance.

Translating Research Into Practice

Access tips on Translating Research Into Practice

The Research Committee is committed to providing objective briefs of the latest research. This is an ongoing project and will be updated continuously. Please address any inquiries to the Research Chair, Katie Ellison, at