Licensure Resources from the Academy

The Academy's consumer protection initiatives strive to ensure that the public is able to identify and has access to qualified nutrition professionals who demonstrate the knowledge, skill and competencies necessary to provide safe and effective nutrition care services, including medical nutrition therapy.

The Academy is pleased to offer the following complimentary resources as part of our efforts to provide clarity, promote understanding and protect the public. These resources are available to all practitioners, regardless of membership status and we encourage Academy members to share these resources with colleagues:

  • NEW! Organized by the Academy's Consumer Protection and Licensure Subcommittee, the “Licensure 101: A Personal Introduction to Licensure presentation highlights Academy members across various dietetics practice areas who share why licensure is important in their particular work.

  • Utilize the Academy’s Incident Reporting Tool to document a success story that shines a spotlight on the value of quality dietetics and nutrition practice or to submit details about a witnessed incident of harm. Academy members, other health professionals and the general public can share their stories via the IRT to recognize quality dietetics practice when it happens and report when it does not.

  • Review the Licensure Map to gain a better understanding of your state's licensing board, relevant statutes and regulations, as well as other helpful information on the nature and details of dietetics regulation in your state.

  • Wondering how easy it is to start practicing in another state? Learn more about the Academy’s resources on Licensure and Telehealth. Click here for state-based variations in the licensed scope of practice.

  • State by State Guidance assessing RDNs’ current authority to order therapeutic diets in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

  • For details about providing services during the COVID-19 pandemic, including waivers to licensure laws, visit Licensure Guidance for RDNs During COVID-19 Pandemic.


Licensure provides the public, health insurance companies, and state and federal governments with the assurance that practitioners meet standards of professional competence.

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