CPEU Opportunities


CPEU Opportunities


All registrants have access to SCAN Symposium On-Demand for three months after the event.

Logging CPEU from the SCAN Virtual Symposium

When logging CPE for Virtual Symposium, log each educational session or event individually, not the conference as a whole. There are multiple learning formats offered throughout the conference. These formats correlate with different activity types, set forth by CDR:

  • 171 – Lecture/Seminar
  • 180 – Posters
  • 175 – Recorded Pre-Approved CPE

Performance Indicators have been assigned to each Symposium session. This information is subjective; feel free to select those that best correlate with your Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) needs. Recommended PIs are included within the event platform session descriptions. Access the competency guide.

Access the event platform and navigate to “All Sessions” to select a session and the appropriate certificates. All certificates are also posted under “Symposium+”.

Attendees can log up to 18.5 hours under code 171, lecture/seminar. An additional 1.0 hour can be obtained from viewing the poster sessions, and an additional 5.0 hours can be obtained from viewing on-demand recordings.

Educational Session Certificates

Each session on the schedule will have both a live and code 175 CPE certificate. Here are guidelines for when you should use which certificate:

  • Live CPE Certificates: Use this certificate if you attend a session during the time block it was originally broadcast. You must tune into the session during its scheduled time block to count live CPE credit.
  • Code 175 CPE Certificates: All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing within 3-5 days following the scheduled broadcast time. Please use the Code 175 certificate when viewing a session on-demand for self-study.

Calculating CPEU

60-minute sessions = 1.0 CPEU 

Posters Certificate

Complete the date and amount of time spent viewing the posters.

E-Posters (Activity Type 180) do not need to be listed separately. One may record several posters that relate to the same Performance Indicator as one event. For example, logging e-posters viewed on a given day can be logged as “SCAN Poster Sessions”. One half (0.5) CPEU is equivalent to 1/2 contact hour (30 minutes).