About Sports Performance

The Sports & Human Performance Nutrition DPG is a group of nutrition practitioners working with athletes and people at all levels of human performance to optimize holistic health for a lifetime.  SHPN leverages the integration of nutrition, exercise science, and technology to set industry standards, provide continuing education, and prepare the next generation of cutting-edge professionals. SHPN will deliver content tailored for human performance in sports as well as military, tactical and performing arts, and those who are first responders.

SHPN will:

  1. Identify the continuing education needs of dietetic professionals in the areas of sports, human performance, exercise science and applied technology; provide information to members on the availability of existing SHPN continuing education programs; and develop and promote national and regional programs to meet these needs.
  2. Stimulate a high level of professional performance by the development and dissemination of uniform minimum standards of practice and/or performance criteria.
  3. Provide communications among the membership, within the Academy membership at large, to alliance organizations, to other health professionals, to industry and to the general public.
  4. Promote services of SHPN and its members to its members, alliance organizations, health professionals, government agencies and to the general public.
  5. Promote research, writing, and teaching in the fields of sports, human performance, exercise science and applied technology