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Recorded webinars - FREE for SHPN members!

Straight Talk About Soy-Based and Dairy-Free Diet
Speakers: Yen Ang, DrPH, MSc, MPH, RD, FAND and  Dotsie Bausch, Olympic Medalist
CPEU: 1.0
Elevating the practice of sports dietetics in collegiate athletics - a review of a recent inter-association consensus statement on staffing models and the provision of case by sports RNDs in collegiate athletics
• Amy Culp, RD, CSSD, LD, CEDRD
• Victoria Lambert, MS, RD
CPEU: 1.0
MNT Reimbursement for Sports RDs: Is it worth it?
Speaker: Christa Smith, MCN, RDN, LD
CPEU: 1.0
Put Your Playbook in Action: Know What You Bring to the Field
Speaker: Jennifer E Seyler, MBA, MS, RDN
CPEU: 1.5
Put Your Playbook in Action: Know What You Bring to the Field (with Workbook)
Speaker: Jennifer E Seyler, MBA, MS, RDN
CPEU: 3.0
Cocoa Flavanols and Exercise Performance
Sponsored by FlavaNaturals
Speaker: Matt Darnell, PhD, RD, CSSD, SCCC - Director and Assistant Professor, Sports Science, University of Pittsburgh, and Dietitian Pittsburgh Steelers
Sustainable Healthy Diets and Food Justice with Animal-Sourced Foods
Sponsored by the Protein PACT
• Ty Beal, PhD Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Research Advisor
• Alice Stanton, BSc, PhD, FRCPI Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Professor in Cardiovascular Pharmacology
• Diana Rodgers, RD Global Food Justice Alliance, Executive Director
Liquid Assets - Electrolyte Balance At Rest and During Exercise: Does Mother Nature Have the Answer for Optimal Hydration?
Sponsored by GoodSport®
• Dr. Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM
• Dr. W. Larry Kenney, Ph.D., FACSM, FAPS
Effective, Ethical and Professional Use of your Social Media Platform to Inform
• Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN
• Connie Diekman, Med, RD, CSSD, LD, FADA, FAND
CPEU: 1.5 (This webinar satisfies the CDR ethics requirement.)
Optimizing Performance with Culinary-Centric Counseling: Building your Tool Kit
Speaker: Dr. Hope Barkoukis, RDN, LD, FAND
Communicating with Conviction
Speaker: Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN
CPEU: 1.5
Embracing Global Cuisines in the World of Sports Nutrition
Sponsored by POM Wonderful
Speaker: Roxana Ehsani, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

2022 Keynote Sessions offer expert level (3.0), cutting-edge content.

Keynote Session #1
Features two 1-hour presentations and 2 CPEU!
• “The High Performance Team: Tools for Dietitians in a Collaborative Environment” with Travis Vlantes, MS, CSCS
• “Sports Science Applications in Performance Nutrition” with Jennifer Gibson, MS, RD, CSSD
Keynote Session #2 - Biomarkers Session 1
Features two 90-minute presentations and 3 CPEU!
• "Biomarkers of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Status in Athletes" with Kristina Harris Jackson, PhD
• "Biomarkers of Hydration Status in Athletes" with Robert Huggins, PhD, ATC
Keynote Session #3 - Biomarkers Session 2
Features two 90-minute presentations and 3 CPEU!
• "Biomarkers of Nitrite, Nitrate, and Nitric Oxide Status in Athletes" with Nathan S. Bryan, Ph.D.
• "Biomarkers of Bone Health in Athletes" with Sarah Wherry, PhD