• Winter 2021 - Volume XXXI, Number 7

    Features in this issue:

    • The principles of ahimsa (non-harming) within the context of vegetarian nutrition and our profession;
    • Taking a deeper and historical dive into the plant-based movement and understanding the conscious and unconscious bias within our practice and profession; 
    • Understanding what health equity is for you as a VN RD and find out how you can lead the charge for social justice in the African-American community; 
    • Promoting antiracist structures and policies within the food and healthcare system … and more! 
    Other Features: 
      • This issue contains hours of work contributed by your fellow VN (and non-VN) RD members who poured their hearts into making an edition that we hope will shift the way we work and contribute to our community and the world. Our team this season was big! Thank you to all who contributed this season to make this edition happen.