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Pediatric Nutrition DPG Publications

Infant and Pediatric Feedings, 3rd Ed.

Pediatric Nutrition DPG
Editors: Caroline Steele, MS, RD, CSP, IBCLC, FAND and Emily Collins, MHA, RD, CNSC

This third edition provides updated guidelines on the storage, handling and preparation of human milk and formula in health care facilities and also covers new and emerging topics.

Pocket Guide to Neonatal Nutrition, 3rd Ed

Pediatric Nutrition DPG
Editors: Bethany S. Hodges, MS, RDN; Michelle Johnson RDN, LD; Stephanie Merlino Barr, MS, RDN, LD

This third edition has been updated by experts in neonatal nutrition to reflect the latest research, guidelines and tools for pediatric practitioners caring for neonates.

Pocket Guide to Children with Special Health Care and Nutritional Needs, 2nd Ed.

Pediatric Nutrition DPG and Behavioral Health Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
Editors: Kelly Green Corkins, MS, RD-AP, CSP, LDN, FAND, and Wendy Wittenbrook, MA, RD, CSP, LD

This pocket guide is an essential tool for any registered dietitian nutritionist working with children with special health care needs.

Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual®

The Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual® is a fully realized Web-based diet manual with more than 40 major topics.

Other Pertinent Pediatric Focused Publications

Pediatric Weight Management: Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines Quick Reference Tool

A reference tool with practical graded recommendations for nutrition management of overweight and obesity in children.

Pocket Guide to Pediatric Nutrition Assessment, 3rd Ed.

Beth Leonberg, MS, MA, RD, CSP, FADA, CNSD, LDN

This essential pocket guide contains the most current tools, language, and expert guidelines for assessing the nutritional status of infants, children, and adolescents as the first step of the Nutrition Care Process.

Pediatric Nutrition, 8th Ed.

Editors: Ronald E. Kleinman, MD, FAAP and Frank R. Greer, MD, FAAP

Significantly revised and updated, the eighth edition provides the latest evidence-based guidance on the full spectrum of childhood nutrition issues.

The ASPEN Pediatric Nutrition Support Core Curriculum, 2nd Ed.

Editors: Mark R. Corkins, MD, CNSP, SPR, FAAP; Section Editors: Jane Balint, MD; Elizabeth Bobo, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC; Steve Plogsted, PharmD, BCNSP, CNSC; Jane Anne Yaworski, MSN, RN

A foundation for nutrition support for practitioners working with the infant and pediatric population.

The Complete Counseling Kit for Pediatric Weight Management

Authors: Jodie Shield, MEd, RDN, LDN; Mary Catherine Mullen, MS, RDN, LDN

This counseling kit offers a variety of resources to educate and motivate overweight and obese children, teens, and their families to make positive lifestyle changes.

Pediatric Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Pocket Guide (eBook)

Authors: Beth Mordarski, RDN, LD; Jodi Wolff, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC, FAND

This pocket guide provides the pediatric clinician performing a nutrition focused physical exam with tools for malnutrition assessment, documentation and coding.

Very Low Birthweight Preterm Infant Enteral Nutrition: Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines Quick Reference Tool

A convenient, practical tool based on the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library guidelines for enteral nutrition for very low birthweight preterm infants.

Pocket Guide to Pediatric Weight Management, 2nd Ed.

Authors: Mary Catherine Mullen, MS, RDN, Jodie Shield, MEd, RDN

This new edition integrates the pediatric weight management evidence-based practice guidelines with the Nutrition Care Process to help practitioners create individualized nutrition care blended with practical and realistic advice.