Mission & Vision

The Healthy Aging dietetic practice group members believe the health and wellness of older adults is improved by optimal nutrition and physical activity. Our members are a valued source of information on healthy aging. 


  • Translate cutting-edge research into evidence-based practices
  • Advocate to reduce hunger, food insecurity and health disparities
  • Promote independence and well being through health promotion, chronic disease management strategies and public policy advocacy
  • Lead the future of dietetics in the aging community
  • Provide valuable member benefits that enhance practice and collaboration.

Our Mission:

Empowering and supporting members to be food and nutrition leaders promoting life-long wellness.

Our Vision:

Optimizing longevity and wellness in aging through food and nutrition.

Our Goals:

  1. Build and support a diverse membership.
  2. Promote evidence-based practices related to food and nutrition for the older adult.
  3. Influence food, nutrition, and wellness policies and initiatives related to older adults.
  4. Inform members about trends and policies related to food, nutrition, wellness and physical activity for older adults.