• VN DPG: New Chair Welcome Message

    I am so happy to be in a leadership role as the Chair for the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group (VN DPG) for the year 2021 to 2022. We have a great Executive Committee that is composed of 17 chair and assistant chair positions. They are talented, bright and eager to bring new possibilities to Vegetarian Nutrition as well as keeping our own practices running smoothly. We have a membership of approximately 1600 members, with a high number of student members. The energy from our group is palpable, and the student members bring a fresh perspective and high energy to the future of plant-based eating.


    This is in sync with our Guiding Principles, where our Vision Statement is to foster planetary health and well-being as the leading source for education and resources on plant-based nutrition. We are committed to an equitable and sustainable future achieved through influential policy, research, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


    I am thrilled we are continuing this 29-year-old dietetic practice group. VN DPG brings culinary delight, human health benefits, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and business opportunity. I am looking forward to our year together!



    Take care of yourself,
    Dori Coetzee MS RDN
    Vegetarian Nutrition DPG Chair-Elect