Looking to Volunteer

Volunteering provides opportunities to network with other VN members and helps our community grown in diversity and knowledge.  Volunteering can also help you hone your leadership skills which may assist in advancing your career. Volunteers are needed for small and large projects.

In order to match your interests with a position, we need to learn more about you. Please review the following information on areas for which we may be seeking volunteer help.

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Electronic Mailing List Discussions: Help with posting/replying on Discussion Board
  • Website Committee
  • Nominating/Awards Committee: Help the Nominating Committee with Awards applications and other tasks
  • Communication/Social Media Committee: Assist the Social Media Chair with posts, live events/webbies, etc.
  • Education Resources: Assist the RD Resources Chair
  • Webinar Committee: Assist the Webinar Chair with planning and implementing webinars
  • Newsletter Committee: Write articles for newsletters or help the Newsletter editor with tasks
  • Website Committee: Help review and update website pages; respond to queries
  • Student Outreach: Assist the Student Coordinator Chair
  • Ad hoc duties, helping as needed

Current Opportunities:

  • Assistant to Diversity Liaison
    • Promote diversity and inclusion at all levels, improve two-way communication, understanding of varied cultures and diverse worlds, and ultimately drive people to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in our profession and beyond.

  • Assistant to State Coordinator Chair
  • Assistant to Speaker’s Bureau Chair
  • Assistant to Webinar Chair
  • Student Coordinators

Complete the VN volunteer form in order to start volunteering!