BHN Excellence Award Nomination

Nominate someone for a BHN 2020 Excellence Award!

Nominations for awards are now being accepted. There will be not more than one recipient per award. Awards will be presented annually at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo BHN member meeting.

Recipients will be informed of awards prior to the event.

Excellence in Research

  • Dietitian who has contributed noteworthy research useful to one of BHN’s practice areas over the past year.

Excellence in Advocacy

  • Dietitian who has shown commitment to promoting dietitian-led nutrition services
  • Examples include contribution to public policy that increases nutrition services, or advocacy to promote dietitian-led nutrition intervention
  • Advocacy may take place on a national, state, local, or organizational level

Excellence in Clinical Practice

  • Dietitian demonstrates excellence in a BHN practice area providing evidence-based medical nutrition therapy to individuals or groups

Excellence in Interdisciplinary Education

  • Dietitian who shows excellence in the education of dietitians and other healthcare professionals using consistent evidence-based nutrition messages

Excellence in Written Communication

  • Dietitian who shows excellence in the written communication of nutrition information relevant to the BHN practice areas through platforms such as educational blogs, newsletter articles, magazine articles, or peer-reviewed publications

Excellence in Social Media Communication

  • Dietitian who shows excellence in engagement and outreach on topics relevant to the BHN practice areas through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other similar platforms

Excellence in Professional Integrity

  • Dietitian who demonstrates an ability to unite communities of dietitians with diverse ideas through values of cohesion and cooperation.
  • Winner will move the nutrition profession forward through maintaining a curious perspective and openness to new ideas, while remaining committed to patient-centered care and evidence-based nutrition therapy.

Honored Member – Student

  • Winner may be a graduate student, undergraduate student, or dietetic intern
  • Shows promise as a future dietitian by their enthusiasm for nutrition science and their active participation in the nutrition community in and out of the classroom

Honored Member – Future of Dietetics

  • Dietitian who has been practicing for 5 years or less and has demonstrated early leadership or practice potential
  • Winner will have shown strong interest in and commitment to the profession of dietetics

Honored Member – Career Achievement

  • Dietitian who has been a dedicated presence in the field of dietetics in one of BHN’s practice areas
  • Nominee has been practicing for at least 15 years

Friend of BHN

  • Dietitian who is not a current BHN member but who has made significant contributions to the field of behavioral health nutrition.

To nominate a deserving member for an award please complete the BHN Excellence Award nomination form and send your submission here.