Professional Databases


EBSCO Database

Click on the link below to visit the newly integrated EBSCO Database. EBSCO Information Services is the world leading provider of learning and research content. EBSCO is used in 99% of all  universities around the global as a leading resource for research and learning needs.

As a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-SHPN you now have access to 5 EBSCO research databases that offer over 10,000 journals and magazines. These databases offer a wide array content ranging from nutrition, sports nutrition, diet, etc. These databases are available free of cost to all SHPN members through your academy member login. Access to EBSCO research databases is an outstanding intellectual resource.

Some reasons to use EBSCO research databases:
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-SCAN EBSCO databases contain subject-specific journals aimed at your profession.
  • The content provided through EBSCO research databases is vetted and not readily available for free on the open web.
  • The internet has no accountability for the information accuracy or reliability, EBSCO research databases do.
  • Access to EBSCO research databases is free to all SHPN members.


Access the EBSCO Database Here


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Natural Medicines Database

Click on the link below to visit the newly integrated (September 2014) Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database and Natural Standard Database now branded Natural Medicines.


Access Natural Medicines Database HERE