Jean Bouche

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Jean is a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician focusing on patients living at home with Parenteral (IV) and Enteral (tube feeding) nutrition. She has practiced in Dietetics for nearly years, many years in acute care; beginning with peds / NICU / OB and later general cardiac, CHF, cancer, GI surgery. Jean also consulted with a private practice cardiologist, nursing homes short-term and have spent a few years with WIC and public health where she developed and lead a diabetes support group.

Jean immersed herself into nutrition informatics - she has served as a SuperUser for the Epic dietitians, sat on the control committee for a 15 hospital Dietary Informatics group and a "Clinical Optimization" committee that reviewed and approved requests for Epic changes.

She had also been involved with the Greater Green Bay Health Alliance (GGBHA). The members of this group worked together with all 4 hospitals (3 "competetors" - all using Epic) to create a central training for nursing students. She developed and trained dietetic interns for hands on Epic use and documentation. She has also sat in on conference call into the Wisconsin Health Informatics Network (WISHIN) Clinical Advisory committee meetings; a group that stemmed from WIRED for Health - WI Relay of Electronic Data).

Jean lives between Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has also spent a few years in Upper Michigan and in Southern Illinois. She is a self-proclaimed "techy" and "NIRD". That is a Nutrition Informatics Registered Dietitian; What a fun play on the word! Many family, friends and colleagues come to Jean as a computer or smart phone resource. She enjoys continuing to learn from other and sharing her knowledge.